Goldenrod Chunky Lite

Beautiful 100% woolGoldenrod Chunky Lite yarn dyed in small batches with Goldenrod, harvested  from the meadows right here on the farm

The Yarn

  • 100% Purebred Columbia Wool
  • 2 ply Chunky Lite
  • ~220 yards/4 oz (112g)

The Natural Dye

  • Flowers and tops of Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) harvested in late summer
  • Simmered for several hours to create dye bath, then strained before adding mordanted yarn


  • Hand wash or gentle machine cycle
  • warm/warm small load
  • inside out in sized delicates bag is good practice (not too loose, not too snug)
  • no bleach
  • dry flat

This is Josh, one of  the purebred Columbia sheep whose fleece forms the base of this Goldenrod Chunky Lite natural dyed yarn.

Josh is a Wether, so his only job is to grow beautiful fleece. The fleece is spun on an antique mule spinner, one of only a few left in North America. It is a mule as in a crossbred, but in this case instead of a cross between a horse and a donkey, its a cross between the new technology and the old. The resulting yarn is loftier and softer than the same fibre spun on modern draw frames. When the yarn is freshly spun it is more of a worsted or even worsted light weight. The process of dyeing, washing and rinsing relaxes its loftiness, and the finished yarn more closely resembles a chunky light weight.

Goldenrod is prolific in my area – the meadows, roadsides and marginal land burst into golden yellows when they flower in later summer. The flowers, leaves and stems all contain dye compounds. Different results can be obtained depending on which parts are used, when they are harvested, and at how long and at what temperature they are simmered when creating the dye bath.


Purebred Columbia Wether Josh